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What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach, viewing the body not as discrete organs and tissues but as functional systems of interrelated organs. The movement of the body’s energy, or qi, within and between these systems must be free-flowing in order to preserve health. Toxins build up where energy is blocked or sluggish, triggering pain, discomfort and even chronic illness.

The practitioner’s goal is to develop harmony between these systems and promote the flow of energy. A variety of techniques, from acupuncture and acupressure (which activate systems through stimulation of particular sensitive points on the surface of the skin) to herbal supplements and modifications of diet, may be used to restore the proper flow of energy and restore the body’s natural, healthy balance.

A Chinese medicine practitioner will consider many causes of a disease ranging from external and environmental factors, to emotional states, to nutritional deficiencies and the patient’s habits/routine. Symptoms seemingly unrelated or sometimes ignored by conventional medical doctors are all taken into account. This helps develop a more complete understanding of the patient’s general state of health.

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